Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a resilient soul

Michael Jamir, who became a Bahá'í in March 1944, and this March turned 90, has left the cares of this world behind him and is free to lend his spirit to the advance of civilization.

In his life he directly brings together the countries and regions of Ukraine, the United States, some of the first Nations of America, Japan, the Caroline Islands, and then through his children to both Iran and the Marshal Islands so far. From Ukraine he comes by his parents. Michael was born, lived most of his life, and passed, in the United States. He served with some of the first Nations of America on inspiration from the example of a former House of Justice member and where he served at a time of growing emancipation and self-determination. Of Japan he entered as a medic and reunited the Baha'i world with Mr. Fujita. Pioneering to the Caroline Islands, and countless Assemblies and homefront pioneering posts in the Northeast, Midwest and South regions of the United States.

Please lend your thoughts and prayers to his family now briefly separated from him. First, his surviving wife Margaret, his companion for over 60 years. His son unfortunately passed before his father, but Vinson's family of Nura, their daughters Nasim Joy and Nahal Suzanne, and Michael's daughters Karla and Sally, with Karla's family with Paul, their children Jordan and Anna, and Sally with Steven and their child Katarina recently adopted from Michael's own parent's home country of Ukraine, are all dear to Michael and him to us.

Some of Michael's life story is published in "Why They became Baha'is: The First Generation Baha'is by 1963" starting on page 75. Michael's efforts are also mentioned in volume 11 of Baha'i World and the April 1947 issue of World Order.

Here's a picture of him.